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Why Full Holiday Catering?


At Floryval Personal Chef we are dedicated to offer an exclusive villa service. We want to make sure our guests can enjoy a perfect stay at their beautiful villa in Marbella and surroundings.

You can book our luxury villa service for one meal, 1 day or for your entire holiday.

Start your morning with a luxury breakfast, have a light healthy lunch and end a perfect day with a typical Spanish paella ! 

There is no need to worry about cooking, cleaning and spending hours in the kitchen three times a day.

In addition, with Floryval Personal Chef, you will have the luxury of customizing your meals so that you have a personalized menu. Hence everything is planned from breakfast to dinner and you are served only the best quality food!


We can provide almost any cuisine you want. It can be as diverse as you like because you have the freedom to choose different types of food for each day of your visit. 

Avoid health hazards

Another advantage is that you can avoid health hazards especially if you have allergies. It’s not always easy to specify that some food needs to be removed from a dish when you order at a restaurant.

Fresh food

When you hire Floryval Personal Chef you can be sure that your food contains the freshest ingredients, all made from scratch.

Because you don’t have to worry about where to eat for dinner, you can plan your days out knowing that a warm home-cooked meal is waiting for you when you get back. All dishes will be ready to serve at the time you requested. And there is no harm in enjoying a few glasses of lovely wine during dinner, because you don't have to drive the car anymore.


If you’re traveling with your family, on the other hand, you also want to make sure that the food is kid-friendly. Floryval Personal Chef will prepare tasty meals for the little ones that even the pickiest children would not be able to refuse!



So, are you ready to enjoy your stay to the fullest? Then make the right choise by hiring Floryval Personal Chef.

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